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hict is an independent healthcare consultancy company, founded in 2004.
We are a team of passionate professionals striving to deliver highly focused, quality solutions uniquely dedicated to healthcare.

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Our company

Our mission

We provide independent advice to public and private organizations operating in the healthcare sector. These include providers of healthcare, suppliers to healthcare providers and public organisations or institutions.

As consultants, we provide a unique perspective on providing our customers with the answers they are looking for:

  • We are totally healthcare oriented – we closely monitor healthcare evolutions resulting in a unique, in-depth market knowledge
  • We don’t copy/paste : we tailor proven methodologies to provide meaningful solutions to concrete challenges.
  • We are passionate problem-solvers. Our commitment does not end at providing boilerplate solutions. We invest ourselves as part of the customer's team, working in tandem in working the issue, defining the approach, delivering results and leveraging their outcomes.
  • Our successful track record translates into an extensive portfolio of references - national and international.


What we do

Our interdisciplinary team of consultants is focused on optimising healthcare through successful project collaboration with our customer base. We offer a wide array of solutions in differing areas of interest, tailored to specific customer needs and questions.

Our customer offerings are organised under six umbrella activities:

We are currently looking to recruit new talent for our Value Management and SMOQ domains.

Value Management

Our Value Management team specialises in discovering, quantifying, optimising or highlighting value of a 'health technology' - a term used in it's broadest sense, covering for instance medical devices as well as pharmaceutical products or other innovative technological solutions.

Determining this value is of increasing importance in a healthcare sector, faced with increasing budgetary pressures and the need to demonstrate objective, quantified value to healthcare practitioners, healthcare institutions and payers alike.

Our activities are centered on 3 main focus areas:

  • Cost Studies: investigating the relevant total cost of ownership or use of a product for a particular context
  • Health Economics: weighing costs against benefits, for instance through cost-effectiveness or budget impact analyses
  • Market Studies: qualitative, strategic market research supporting data generation (in support of the two other focus areas) or investigating strategic product use or potential.

Value Management projects are highly quantitative, levering results from desk research (literature & database analysis), on-site observations, face to face interviews, expert panels to create highly targeted models delivering results tailored to specific audiences. Performing these projects requires a very diverse skill set, which is reflected in the balanced team composition.

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Our people

Tackling our customer's challenges requires a diverse set of expertise and a broad array of backgrounds and viewpoints. Our team, therefore, reflects that diversity. We employ talented individuals from many backgrounds, with and without previous professional experience. Each and every single one of us shares the same passion for applying our expertise in healthcare. Every day, we come to work striving to make a difference, contributing as individuals and sharing success as a team.



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For specific project questions, we work in close collaboration with a dedicated set of associated consultants with proven track records in the field, and a broad network of experts providing an experience and practice-based sounding board.

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Staff Testimonials

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Voor het domein ‘Value Management’ zijn we op zoek naar een Senior Consultant in Health Economics.  In de huidige context speelt de ‘value’ van een ‘health technology’ (...
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