Al Ahli Hospital Doha (Qatar) - Business/IT alignment study

The Al Ahli hospital in Doha, Qatar, was established in 2004 and is the largest private hospital in the Middle East. Besides 250 beds the hospital also disposes of an ICU, NICU and CCU.

Description | business case

The Al Ahli hospital asked hict to draw a picture of:

  • the operational functioning of the hospital;
  • the automation inside the hospital;
  • the process and ICT conditions for an expansion to 600 beds.


For one week a team of hict interviewed 27 stakeholders in the hospital regarding the following subjects:

  • How does your department/unit function operationnaly - which main processes does it hold?
  • How is your department being supported by the current automation & what are the challenges?
  • How do you perceive the evolution of your department during the hospital's development (from 250 to 600 beds) and which are here the process and ICT preconditions?


Based on the interviews and the examination of the functioning, hict delivered a report with:

  • advice for a better business/IT alignment;
  • a SWOT analysis of the IT department;
  • a critical analysis & suggestions concerning the IT strategy;
  • advice regarding improvement paths inside 'operations'.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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