Assessment of market entry opportunities in Southern Europe

Assessment of market entry opportunities in Southern Europe for Orion 

Orion is a Finnish, Espoo–based pharmaceutical company with branches across Europe. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests. Orion's main market is Finland, where it is the clear market leader. All of Orion's manufacturing plants and most of its R&D operations are in Finland. Orion’s headquarters are in Espoo. Orion’s products are marketed in over a hundred countries, and the Group's own human pharmaceuticals sales organization covers almost all key European markets. In other markets Orion’s products are sold by several collaboration partners. 

Project description 

Orion’s specialty business branch, which includes Gx, Rx, OTC, self-care and biosimilars, is evaluating possibilities to expand to new markets in Southern Europe. Orion has asked hict to support them in assessing the market potential of two specific countries in Southern Europe and make recommendations in response to a number of specific questions. 


At the beginning of the assignment, a number of specific questions were formulated on the market dynamics in the countries. In order to respond to those questions, the outline of the report (overarching topics) was agreed upon in the beginning of the assignment, and regular interactions and feedback loops with the client were foreseen throughout the assignment. 

hict followed a two-step approach to assure the completeness and relevance of its final report. In phase 1, hict focused on collecting and analyzing all the data relevant to Orion’s question. It did so through desk research and expert interviews. The collected data was structured according to the pre-defined overarching topics. In phase 2, The data was reviewed and validated by experts that are familiar with the country and themes on the table. 


The information was brought together in a detailed report, consisting of following sections: one focusing on general trends and the market characteristics and specificities for Southern Europe (and compared to the rest of Europe) and one chapter on each of the respective countries concerned, reflecting on context-specific topics, LOEs and relevant benchmark cases. 

The report and findings were discussed during a round table at Orion’s headquarters at the end of the assignment.

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