AZ Damiaan, Oostende - Pharmacy automation

In the context of thorough quality improvement, the hospital decided to introduce an electronic prescription system, and to automate the hospital pharmacy. The goals were:

  • Improved patient security and less medical errors;
  • A fully closed medication circuit, within the legal framework.

 The implemented solution consisted of:


  • Rolling out an electronic prescription system in the entire hospital;
  • Installing a warehouse robot (ARX Rowa) and a unit-dose packaging system (Sinteco) in the pharmacy;
  • Daily medication delivery per patient, for a period of 24 hours;
  • Installing medical emergency cabinets (Vanas) at all critical services and nursing departments;


 hict was responsible for project management of this project:


  • Writing out the requirements;
  • Drafting the specifications;
  • Selecting the suppliers;
  • Price negotiations en contract management;
  • Designing and negotiating the new processes and workflows;
  • Following up on the software integration;
  • Determining the placement of devices in the new pharmacy;
  • Guarding the budget and following up on it;
  • Controlling  and accepting deliveries;
  • Planning and go-life.


You can watch the movie of AZ Damiaan's automationproject in the hospital pharmacy here.

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Jan Demey
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