AZ Glorieux Ronse - Logistics optimisation of the operating theatre

From a continuing endeavour on the one hand to provide better quality and on the other hand to focus on the patient’s care, AZ Glorieux asked hict to devise a logistics improvement project for the operating theatre.


  • All pharmaceutical goods and materials efficiently and centrally managed at the operating theatre;
  • Correctly charging pharmaceuticals and materials at their consumption;
  • Quickly reordering and restocking pharmaceuticals and materials;
  • Realising a close cooperation between the pharmacy and the operating theatre.

hict transformed the operating theatre in an efficient logistics working environment, by:

  • a complete stocktaking of all goods in the operating theatre (sterile, non-sterile, medication);
  • calculating the desired stocks based on historical consumption numbers;
  • reorganising the stock locations in the operating theatre;
  • creating a separate, secluded, pharmacy warehouse in the operating theatre;
  • developing new procedures, roles and responsibilities;
  • introducing scanners at the operating theatre, which made it possible to assign medical consumption, as well as expensive products like prosthesis, directly to the patient. This also meant that the restocking of the operating theatre could be streamlined that way.
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