AZ Heilige Familie Rumst - Audit logistic processes

The AZ Heilige Familie in Rumst was created in 1959 by the Congregatie van de Gasthuiszusters Augustinessen van Boom. At the moment the hospital counts 207 beds. It offers day hospitalisation and disposes of a specialised emergency department.

Description | business case

The AZ Heilige Familie asked hict to analyse the logistic processes and to formulate improvement propositions in favour of the pharmacy, stockroom and two nursing units.

This audit was done by:

  • mapping the current processes; 
  • defining the bottlenecks;
  • proposing the improvement paths. 


A team of hict mapped the processes through interviews and observations. Based on this, a supply chain mapping has been elaborated, which defined the existing quick wins as bottlenecks within the process. In a next phase the potential stoch reduction, the limitation of the number of express orders and the economising of staff when it comes to return logistics and stock control have been calculated by means of a data analysis. In conclusion different improvement paths have been proposed, e.g. the introduction of Kanban, the automation of processes by scanners, the optimisation of the stock management, etc.


Based on the interviews and the audit of the functioning, a report was composed with:

  • the AS IS situation of the current processes; 
  • a supply chain mapping defining the existing quick wins as bottlenecks within the process; 
  • advice regarding improvement paths.
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