AZ Sint-Lucas Brugge - Cadans ICT Master plan

AZ Sint-Lucas in Bruges is an autonomous hospital with 415 beds, located in 1 campus and characterised by a large supply of healthcare. The hospital counts about 90 specialists and 1150 employees.

Description | business case

AZ Sint-Lucas asked hict to develop an ICT Master plan in line with the business processes, strategy and objectives of the hospital and to assist and support the ICT management in the operational functioning of the ICT department at the hospital.


The project took place in four phases:

  • phase 1: inventory, analysis and evaluation of the current situation;
  • phase 2: improvement propositions by means of the ICT Master plan;
  • phase 3: implementation of the ICT Master plan;
  • phase 4: guidance and support of the ICT organisation.


  • The existing ICT application architecture and the ICT expectations and needs inside the hospital are more visible and clearer after the project.
  • The necessary ICT projects can be defined perfectly . The priorities are laid down in an implementation plan on short and long term.
  • The (future) ICT projects can be coordinated in a practical and pragmatic framework.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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