AZ Sint-Lucas Gent – Proof of Concept EAI

AZ Sint-Lucas Ghent counts 805 hospitalisation beds + 64 beds in day hospital. Each year approximately 30.000 patients are checked in for at least one night. The number of patients in day hospital is 32.560.

Description | business case

hict was asked to guide the hospital in implementing an Enterprise Application Integration Server. Before starting the implementation in the production environment, the feasibility and applicability were validated in a lab environment during the proof of concept.


hict developed, in collaboration with an implementation partner, a proof of concept system, based on Microsoft Biztalk, with 3 examples of validated information flows:

  • scenario A: check for the correct syntax HL7 ADT and HL7 ORU and sending of an e-mail in case of incorrect syntax; 
  • scenario B: reading of database (e.g. admission of patient), generating and treatment (print, e-mail) of text message; 
  • scenario C: reading in HL7 ORU message including writing the data to the database. 


  • The IT employees of the AZ Sint-Lucas Ghent acquired knowledge and experience in relation to the integration platform. 
  • The IT department is capable of analysing, creating and managing message flows itself.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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