AZ Turnhout – Assessment of processes for clinical trials

Since the fusion of two hospitalss, St. Elisabeth and Saint-Joseph, in Turnhout, AZ Turnhout is the main provider in the region. Clinical trials are being executed in these hospitals, but only in a few departments. Furthermore, each of these departments has their own, non-structured way of looking at clinical trials.


hict was asked to evaluate the current internal organisation of clinical trials, as well to recommend establishing a hospital-wide organisation and to let more departments take part in clinical trials in an efficient way. 


hict questioned several stakeholders who are active in the field of clinical trials using a semi-structured interview. Furthermore, all doctors were invited to fill out a questionnaire with questions about their interest in participation or reason for not participating in clinical trials, what the hospital could do in support of clinical trials, etc. Based on the gathered information the current situation was mapped out and a master plan was put together. 


This mater plan offers a plan / approach for a hospital-wide management of clinical trials, a new organogram with a clear description of responsibilities and tasks, SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and training, an estimation for investments and costs for the coming years, proposals / recommendations concerning ICT, etc. 

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