AZ Zusters van Barmhartigheid Ronse – Assessment of the functioning of the operating wing

AZ Zusters van Barmhartigheid was founded in October 1952 and is part of the non-profit organisation Werken Glorieux in Ronse since 1982. The first of January 2003 AZ Zusters van Barmhartigheid became a merged hospital, created because of the taking-over of the Auroraziekenhuis (campus Ronse).

Description | business case

hict was asked to critically evaluate the current functioning of the operating wing and to provide advice on the possible optimisations for the operational functioning of the operating wing.


In order to bring this project to a favourable conclusion, the following steps were completed:

  • individual interviews, focussing specifically on the evaluation of: 
    • the planning system and the reservations of surgeons and the outpatient clinic;
    • the relation between the planning of the operating wing and the bed planning and the synchronisation of these two;
    • the synchronisation of the occupation of the recovery and intensive care.
  • mapping of the bottlenecks and issues at the operating wing; 
  • formulation of advice and recommendations on:
    • process optimisation;
    • organisational structure and development;
    • technical aspects.


  • mapping of the AS IS situation;
  • elaboration of propositions for the optimisation of the operational functioning of the operating wing.
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