Biocodex - Qualitative primary and secondary market research: ambulatory clinical practice of antibiotic associated diarrhea

Biocodex is an independent and family-owned pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Paris. The filial Biocodex Benelux has a diverse portfolio and is active in gastroenterology, among others.  

Project description

Hict was asked to perform a qualitative market research to give better insight into the clinical practice of antibiotic associated diarrhea (AAD) at the ambulatory market:

  • Perception of AAD depending on different sources and stakeholders (definition, degree of severity, etc.).
  • The different steps (flow) that ambulatory patients on antibiotic (AB) go through and all relevant and linked information: most common infections, most prescribed AB, guidelines, preventive measurements AAD, treatment AAD, registration of patient information, etc.
  • The different steps (flow) that patients on AB in residential homes go through and all relevant and linked information.
  • Perception and information on Biocodex products within the context of AAD.


In a first phase, the strategic questions of Biocodex were determined in collaboration with hict. Subsequently, a twofold approach was executed.

 1. Primary market research

Collection of information obtained from interviews with pharmacists (n=12), GPs (n=12) and doctors in residential homes (n=3). For this purpose, a semi-structured questionary was developed and tested by pilot interviews. Such a semi-structured questionary enables to collect crucial information without disabling the interviewer’s freedom to assess in more detail other data that can contribute in answering the strategic questions.

2. Secondary market research

All existing sources and databases were investigated during the desk research: protocols, guidelines, patient organizations, professional associations, and all other national and international organizations.

Finally, all information was processed and presented in a structured way to the client.


All collected information was presented to the client in a structured way, including the interpretation of the results and possibe future initiatives. The results of the market research were delivered by hict during an interactive workshop. These results answered the initial strategic questions and contributed to the definition of a new strategy to expand the ambulatory market with more depth and more precision.

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Ann Tanghe
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