Budget impact analysis for the revision of reimbursement criteria of certain implants

Client: Anonymous

  • Period: 2015–2017
  • Domain: Value management
  • Keywords: Reimbursement, BIA, medical device

Project description

Performing a health-economic evaluation (budget impact analysis) of a proposed adaptation of the reimbursement criteria for certain implants in Belgium.

The support provided by hict includes:

    Analysis of the context, objectives, available data and determination of the most suitable approach for submission of the reimbursement criteria change request; Development of a flexible budget impact (BIA) model for the simulation of different, alternative reimbursement criteria; Development of an approach for the assessment of the size of the target population Organisation of expert interviews to discuss and validate model inputs and results;


This project was executed in four phases:

  • In the strategy-definition-phase the optimal structure for the BIA-model is determined. Based on this structure, the data collection strategy was defined and refined leveraging an inventory of the most suitable data sources developed by hict.
  • This data collection strategy was implemented in the data-collection-phase. This includes translating the data collection strategy into a practicable data collection protocol. Existing data sources were reviewed, validated and complemented with expert opinion. Expert opinion was obtained using validated surveys.
  • In the BIA-model-development-phase the modelling strategy was implemented in a practical BIA model, including the results from the data collection phase.
  • In the BIA-report-phase, the design, inputs and results of the BIA Model were included in a report conforming to KCE guidelines and ready for inclusion in a reimbursement dossier.


  • Model structure, strategy and input parameters based on expert opinion, data-analysis and literature research.
  • A Belgian BIA-model containing the appropriate data, as well as a one-way sensitivity analysis. The model is constructed to be flexible and allows for the simulation of different scenarios.
  • A detailed report discussing the BIA-model and final results conforming to KCE guidelines and ready for inclusion in a reimbursement dossier.

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Sebastian Vermeersch
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