Cost-effectiveness and budget impact model and report for a belgian reimbursement application

The customer applied for reimbursement of a new cardiovascular drug in Belgium. For this purpose the customer asked hict to:

  • Review an existing cost-utility and a budget impact model to the Belgian context;
  • Collect Belgian data to populate the models;
  • Develop a new budget impact model for Belgium;
  • Populate both models;
  • Write the pharmacoeconomic and budget impact section of the Belgian reimbursement dossier

This project was executed in 4 phases.

First an intake phase was performed during which a kick-off meeting was performed, the existing cost-utility/budget impact models were reviewed and the data collection strategy was finalized.

In the second phase the national data (clinical practice, prevalence and cost data) was collected using different source: literature review, MKG database, interviews with experts.

In the third phase the existing cost-utility model was adapted to the Belgian context and populated with Belgian data. Additionally a new budget impact model was developed and populated by hict. Results of the models were discussed with the customer.

In the last phase the pharmacoeconomic section and budget impact section for the reimbursement dossier was written.

hict’s results:

  • Data collection of all key information to populate the models (including specification of the sources)
  • Adaptation and population of a cost-utility model for Belgium
  • Development and population of a budget impact model for Belgium
  • Report clearly describing the methodology, analyses (deterministic, OWSA, PSA), data inputs and results of both models. This report was used as the pharmacoeconomic and budget impact section of the Belgian reimbursement dossier.


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