De Zorgboog - Integration of the operational financial administration

De Zorgboog is a regional organisation for nursing and living in the region of Helmond, the Netherlands and is actif from a regional office, different nursing homes, Zorgboog centres, home care shops, welfare centres and consultancy agencies.

Description | business case

The question that De Zorgbook asked hict was threefold:

  • to gain insight into the cost-benefit structure/processes and into the workflows;
  • choice and implementation of a new software package;
  • management reports and link to the operating system.


  • phase 1: by means of interviews and study groups the main processes and workflows were mapped. Then research had been conducted to the current way of cost calculations and on how the invoicing to clients of this department has been processed in the financial administration of the Zorgboog.
  • phase 2: advice has been given on a suitable software package which could support entirely and reliably all the processes going on in the department, including an adequate management report and a link to the operating systems.
  • phase 3: the implementation of the new software package was guided, the management report was formulated and the operational procedures were described.


Tailoring of the operational financial administration of the department Health services to the administrative systems of de Zorgboog.


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