Emmaüs vzw - Information flow towards general practitioners

The non-profit organisation Emmaüs was founded after merger discussions in 1997 between AZ Sint-Jozef in Mechelen and AZ Sint-Norbertus in Duffel. The merger of the two hospitals into ‘AZ Sint-Maarten’ and the fusion of the three non-profit organisations into ‘vzw Emmaüs’ were announced the 12th of January 1998. Since the 18th of June 2001 vzw Emmaüs and the three non-profit organisations Ivo Cornelis, Huize Bethanië and De Grote Robijn constitute together the group Emmaüs.

Description | business case

The group Emmaüs asked hict to make a vision document on how to extend and improve the digitised information provision of the general hospitals to the referring practitioners. Since referring practitioners constitute a very important target group for hospitals, a good and quick exchange of medical patient data and other information with them is highly important.


In a preliminary phase the Flemisch initiatives on provision of information, relevant for the group Emmaüs, were mapped. During a second phase the MONA application (Medical ONLine Access - Cegeka) was more deeply evaluated as a possible solution. 

This happened in consultation with Mr Everaert for the following reasons :

  • MONA can be easily implemented by hospitals using Cegeka’s Electronic Patient Record (C2M). 
  • MONA supports Kmehr/Sumehr which has to allow communication with general practitioners but also, ultimately, the exchange of information between the hospitals themselves. 


Based on interviews and research two reports were produced with:

  • the result of the preliminary phase; 
  • a global enumeration of the Flemish initiatives for the advancement of information flows towards the general practitioners; 
  • an in-depth analysis of the MONA application as a possible solution.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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