Hospital market research Netherlands and Belgium for medical devices (Cato & PhaSeal)

|  Period:       October 2014 – June 2015

|  Contact:     Rianne Welvaarts

|  Domain:     SMOQ

|  Keywords: medical device, market research, IT, interview

BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. BD is headquartered in the United States and has offices in more than 50 countries worldwide 

BD Medical is among the world's leading suppliers of medical devices and a leading innovator in injection- and infusion-based drug delivery. The BD Medical segment is focused on providing innovative solutions to reduce the spread of infection, enhance diabetes treatment and advance drug delivery.

Project description 

|  Last year BD has purchased the products “Cato” and “PhaSeal”. The integrated solution of both products makes a strategic fit in the set of innovative applications for safe handling of cytotoxic drugs

|  BD wants to investigate the market interest for the integrated solution of Cato and PhaSeal in the Netherlands and Belgium:

|  Who are the decision-makers for the purchase of such devices?

|  How are the hospitals reimbursed for the PhaSeal device and Cato system? What reimbursement combinations are possible and efficient for the integrated solution of Cato and PhaSeal?

|  What are the critical success factors for hospitals to retrieve these payments?

|  Which are the elements of interest and value for the solutions and the combination as perceived by the decision makers?

|  What is the most optimal sales approach of both products


The internal analyses consisted in investigating the already available studies and applicable financial systems and legislation. For the external analyses interviews took place in hospitals with  oncologists, pharmacists, nurses and CEO’s, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. The combined approached based on an internal and external analyses allowed us to validate our own insights and lead to valuable perspectives.   



Based on the desk research and interviews, an in-depth insight in the relevant legislation of financing systems of hospitals and quality & safety was obtained both in Belgium and the Netherlands: 

|  Financing systems hospital care

|  Financing systems for cytostatics as expensive medicine

|  Financing systems for Cato and PhaSeal positioned as medical devices and ICT tooling

|  Requirements implied by the different accreditation systems concerning the process of preparation and administration of cystostatics

|  Protection of employees and patients

|  Multiple use of vials

|  Waste legislation

A number of differences have been found between the two countries Belgium and the Netherlands, resulting in a total different market setting for Cato and PhaSeal in both countries.


Furthermore hict provided a coherent multidimensional insight in the customer’s practical experiences, perceptions, soft and hard requirements and decision dynamics. The decision for purchasing the device or the ICT solution is made at hospital level by multidisciplinary stakeholders. 

Furthermore medical, technological, ICT and financial trends have been described. For example the administration of medicines at home and the outsourcing of (a part of) the pharmacy services like the preparation of cytostatics as well as the possible impact of robotics in preparing the cytostatics. 

Altogether these insight were translated to relevant opportunities and threats for BD which again resulted in a set of assumptions and guidelines for the formulation of an appropriate sales strategy. 

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