IHC Group nv – Implementation EAI at AZ Damiaan

IHC is a software provider for hospitals in the field of hospital informatics in Flanders. IHC implemented for instance an Enterprise Application Integration Platform (EAI) at AZ Damiaan Oostende.

Description | business case

The project consisted of the installation and implementation of MS Biztalk as Enterprise Application Integration Platform in the context of the integration strategy of AZ Damiaan in preparation for the switchover to a new administrative system.


  • proposition of the architecture and delivery of MS BizTalk as EAI platform; 
  • implementation of all links related to the administrative system; 
  • methodology and transfer of knowledge; 
  • maintenance and support of the EAI platform. 


The project was delivered according to the reconciled scope and timing and in accordance with the predetermined expectations, needs and requirements which resulted in a large satisfaction of AZ Damiaan concerning the general progress and results of the project.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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