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Infohos is an association in which 13 Flemish hospitals collaborate on informatics. Infohos supplies IT applications to hospitals and guarantees the corresponding service.

Description | business case

hict developed a new application of the Hospital Information System (HIS) of Infohos, based on the latest technological standards.


hict performed the following tasks:

  • project management at rollout in new hospitals; 
  • drawing of architecture and development of software factory; 
  • development of the application in coordination with the client;
  • data transmission from the old PADM* to NPADM*; 
  • drawing of the user's manual;
  • training of the users;
  • drawing of the project planning; 
  • guidance rollout. 

*PADM = patient administration | *NPADM = new patient administration


A ZIS software package which can be regarded as the top within this application segment. The final product, NPADM, is part of the ZIS which focusses on user convenience, intuition of interface and transparency of data.

The basis of NPADM encloses the electronic registrations of patients in all its aspects. Besides patient data this package also stores administrative and functional file information. The new technology, which is grafted on the .NET framework of Microsoft, allows a faster and more correct invoicing.

The necessary medical data (MRSA warning system, emergency treatment information) and statistic data like MCD codes for MCD registration can also be stored in the package.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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