Jeroen Bosch Hospital (NL) - Study on increasing efficiency

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch is a top clinicak hospital that also offers trainings and research. The hospital arose in 2002 from a merger between the Bosch Medical Centre and the Carolus-Liduina hospital and has, at the moment, campuses spread over six locations.

Description | business case

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital asked hict to implement sustainable and value adding improvements at the different hospital departments - nursing department, high care surgery, low care surgery, urology, etc. - in order to create a financially healthy and excellent organisation.


This project was carried out in three subprojects:

  • process improvements;
  • development/implementation of management-guidance information;
  • activities analysis.

Through these subprojects hict and the departments cooperated with 'SMART' formulated goals from the current situation to the desired situation.


The added value of the project is an optimisation and a better guidance of the units through a healthy balance between producten, desired quality and hours do be engaged. The results:

  • increase of the efficiency with 10%;
  • increase of the capacity with 10 to 20%;
  • increase of the processing speed with 20 to 30%.
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