Market research: unbiased research and verification of data on the number of patients with a specific pathology in 8 European countries.

Project description

Our client wants to support their marketing teams in 8 European countries with correct data to optimise the sales forecast for a certain medicine. To date big differences were noticed during estimates of the incidence of a specific pathology for the different countries based on the collected data used by the country. For each of the three countries, the client wanted an unbiased research on the data by hict in order to be able to compare that data with the data collected by the countries themselves, and thus optimise the correctness of this data:

  • Number of diagnosed patients with this specific pathology per year
  • Number of patients with this specific pathology who are admitted to the hospital


 1. hict audit:

  • An independent and unbiased query by hict;
  • The search and selection of good sources for the requested data without knowledge of the sources used by the individual countries.

2. Country verification:

  • Comparing and discussing the similarities or differences between the data found by hict and the data provided by the marketing team of the country.


 1. hict audit:

  • Overview of all sources and the identified data, presented in a well-organised format

2. Country verification:

  • 1-day meeting per country or a webex session with different stakeholders;
  • Overview of the method:
    • Data and related estimates for the researched countries
    • Discussion on the similarities (or differences) in the data
  • Summary report for all countries.

Your contact person

Ann Tanghe
Senior Manager
Ann Tanghe
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