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Microsoft has the ambition to approach the Belgian hospital market with a ‘one-way’ HIS (hospital information system). For this Microsoft selected a German product as potential. The product, DynaBS Health, is an ERP system built on the Microsoft AX Dynamics platform. DynaBS Health professes to be an HIS in which all possible standard management modules are present needed in a hospital.

Description | business case

Microsoft made an appeal to the expertise of hict in order to estimate the value of the product and in order to judge whether it is, or not, a one-way ZIS, in accordance with the needs and specific characteristics of the Belgian hospital market.


In phase one hict carried out a thorough screening and testing based on:

  • interviews and functional training; 
  • an intensive demo of DynaBS Health; 
  • a number of ‘in real’ imposed scenario’s. 

There was not only a focus on the technical characteristics but also on the functionalities, the operational layout, the 'look and feel' and the ability to modulate of existing business processes.

In phase two DynaBS was tested against the specific requirements of and the method of working in Belgian hospitals.


The result consisted of:

  • a SWOT analysis of DynaBS; 
  • a go/no go advice; 
  • marketing advice for a succesful market approach by Microsoft.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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