NVSM – Definition of the processes and back office of the lending service for care aids

The NVSM (national association of socialist health services) in Brussels is the headoffice of the socialist health insurances in Belgium.

Description | business case

The NVSM asked hict to draw the specifications and a functional analysis of a future application that would manage front and back office. If needed this should also be able to support the shops. The NVSM wanted to restructure its lending service and prepare it for the future in which an increasing demand for care aids is expected. The four concerned federations manage a 'mediotheek' as an independent organisation (non-profit organisation). Each of the four non-profit organisations was in a different stage of software implementation or used other applications.


Key-elements of this approach were in-situ visits, conversations with users and involving the people in charge of the service or function. hict organised an exploration tour with the people in charge of the processes at the different federations, in order to be able to draw a final action plan in consultation with the NVSM. The action plan stated that all the basic processes of the lending services needed to be analysed and, if necessary, redefined in order to effect a harmonisation of the processes and usages.


The result is a report with final conclusions and recommendations with the following parts:

  • understanding of the differences between the historical entities; 
  • understanding of some logistic and financial deviations which restrained the cost-effectiveness; 
  • agreement of vision on the principles behind the exploitation of a similar service; 
  • univocal specifications, also a business plan, accepted by all the parties concerned; 
  • one single process, business plan and set of definitions, all in accordance with the legislations concerning packing material, recupel, VAT and potential contributions by the government for some aids; 
  • formal specifications used to enter the application market in order to select a back office/ front office application.

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Jan Demey
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