NVSM – Proof of concept for application reimbursement nomenclature

The Nationaal Verbond van Socialistische Mutualiteiten in Brussels is the headoffice of the socialist national health services in Belgium.

Description | business case

NVSM disposes of a very fast and user-friendly office application, but checking for nomenclature couldn't be done (enough) online. In some cases this led to an incorrect reimbursement of clients. In order to allow the online validation of this nomenclature, without having to lose speed and user-friendliness, hict was asked to come up with a solution.


During 50 days a team of hict carried out (technical) analyses and did a proposition. The reimbursement process was mapped by means of a business analysis.

  • A technical analysis of the architecture was carried out. 
  • An architecture proposition was made for a new infrastructure. 
  • A Proof Of Concept was developed. 


In collaboration with Telindus, hict developed a Proof Of Concept in which the business logic concerning reimbursement of nomenclature stays on the mainframe. The performance of the office application was demonstrated and a fail over system was developed in case the mainframe breaks down or connection with it is impossible.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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