OCMW Puurs – Development of a master plan Sociaal Huis

The OCMW (Openbaar Centrum voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn - Public Centre for Social Welfare) takes care of the welfare of each citizen. It guarantees the social basic rights to the inhabitants of the city. Those are the basic principles everyone is entitled to: affordable and qualitative housing, good healthcare, sufficient means, etc.

Description | business case

The town of Puurs and OCMW Puurs want to develop a social house in a new work concept and this using an old rest home building that had to evolve spatially and service-wise. The town of Puurs, together with OCMW Puurs, strive for a transparent social help and service and asked hict to develop a master plan for the entire OCMW site (rest and nursing home, rest home, OCMW services), the work processes and the impact on the spatial structure included.


The Master plan was established as a final document by carrying out thematic workshops, data analyses and on-site visits. Based on applied change management techniques (ADKAR) the entire staff of the OCMW and of other relevant services of the town were guided towards the new work concept. In addition the staff plan was also brought up to date as a result of the newly defined work concept. By calling in an architect the spatial concept concerning traffic flows and spatial classification in the building was also defined.


The result was a master plan for the OCMW site. hict also elaborated a staff plan and guided the study group and the architect concerning content in the choices to be made regarding the building plans for the site. These works are at the construction stage since 2010.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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