Optimal role of a hospital pharmacy


AZ Glorieux is a merged hospital since January 1st, 2013, as a result of the acquisition of the Aurora Hospital (campus Ronse). The hospital has 348 beds for acute stay and 56 day clinic beds. About 1200 people are employed by the hospital. 

Project description 

AZ Glorieux asked hict for support to, on the one hand, improve the operation and perception of the pharmacy and, on the other hand, update the Therapeutic Formulary and the related Medical-Pharmaceutical Committees (MPC) 

The AZ Glorieux wanted to see noticeable results in an optimally functioning pharmacy. An audit was not asked for, since already done in the past. 


hict suggested an approach in which the existing difficulties would be tackled along four axis.  

The underlying principles of this project were:

|    A more client-oriented service of the pharmacy

|    An efficient organisation of the pharmacy

|    Attention for the quality of the service

|    Attention for the costs accompanying the service

|    Finally, the pharmacy should be an enabler for innovation and qualitative medicine. Room should be available for new concepts, such as clinical pharmacy or for innovative projects: in other words, the pharmacy of the future.

hict has attacked this project with a team consisting of a consultant and an expert in hospital pharmacies, which was present in the hospital one day a week. Through interviews and observations the team could identify the underlying grounds of the existing bottlenecks. Afterwards the team coached the head pharmacist in tackling these problems.


The organisation of the MPC was updated, several chapters of the Formulary were discussed on the corresponding MPCs and the changes were implemented throughout the hospital. 

The efficiency of the operation of the pharmacy is increased significantly and the communication in and around the pharmacy is optimised. 

Some examples of deliverables by hict:

|  A summary of the advices to the head pharmacist

|  An overview and prioritisation of the ongoing pharmacy projects

|  Several Excel files (consumption analysis, stock simulation, time registration, …)

|  An up-to-date organigram of the pharmacy

|  An action plan for all pharmacy-related communication

Return on investment

Taking into account the efficiency gain and the implemented “Quick Wins” at the pharmacy, this project will repay itself within one year. 

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Henk Vansteenkiste
Chief Operating Officer
Henk Vansteenkiste
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