Process improvement project OPTIMA @ King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Project description

Our customer, Healthcare Belgium (HCB) is a Belgian association of leading academic and private hospitals that offers academic, clinical and managerial. support for its bilateral partners. HCB has asked hict to develop and implement an operational quality improvement program to increase healthcare efficiency in the King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a HCB customer.

The project has been called: “OPTIMA”:

Operational (process and organization focussed)

Program (a limited number of key projects in different departments)


Improve quality (analyze, plan, do)

Measure improvements (check)

Act on measurements (towards operational excellence)

The quality and services performance improvement program has been set-up in 5 departments of the hospital:

  • Radiology;
  • Emergency Department;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Materials Management;
  • Operating Theatre.

More detailed information can be found in this white paper.


Besides the hict team, a team of experts of Healthcare Belgium (clinical & academic doctors) are selected because of their experience with similar change projects in international context. The academic and clinical experts working together with the hict team bring organizational insights and process ideas based on their broad scope of process experience in a clinical context in their domain.

Hict has developed a specific methodology for this program called: Value maximization.

The OPTIMA value maximization model has 3 phases. In each phase a specific methodology is applied, tailored to answer a particular question driving the process:

  1. Where are you now? Selective scan;
  2. Where do you want to be? Balanced scorecard definition for the department;
  3. How to get there? Get improvement implemented following the lean way, including change management activities.

 The Belgian Healthcare & KAUH departmental Optima teams have been responsible for initial data collection and analysis, the initiation of improvement actions, subsequent evaluation and reporting of the progress made on the quality program’s steering elements.


Results of Optima waste reduction efforts:


  •  Equipment capacity use has doubled
  • Waiting times for inpatients have been reduced to less than 24 hours
  • Report turnaround time has been reduced by more than half (<24 hours)

Emergency Department:

  • Triage time has been reduced by half
  • Patient referral time has been optimized by better communication lines

 Operating Theatre:

  •  Cancellations have been reduced by 30%
  • No shows have been reduced by 30%


  •   Emergency medication delivery has been reduced to almost 0 because of the use of emergency medication closets.

Materials management:

  •  Realization of the preconditions to implement a distribution system of needed consumables throughout the hospital based on KANBAN. This means: creation hospital master file, identification of stores and development of an electronic process for purchasing & stock.
  • Concept for more efficient ordering and central purchase approval system  defined

More detailed information can be found in this white paper.

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Jan Demey
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