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The ‘Marrow Donor Program Belgium’ (MDPB) is part of the Belgian Red Cross. In a register this centre manages a data bank in which the tissue types of people who are willing to donate stem cells for a patient are stored. The MDPB came to a halt in 2005 because activities, informatics and accounting got stuck.

Description | business case

The management asked hict to reorganise the organisation, to resolve the accounting backlog and to formulate the specifications for a renewed bone marrow data bank application.


  • analysis of the ‘As Is’ situation and clarification of the historical transactions that hadn't been processed yet; 
  • development of a plan for the regularisation of overdue payments, linked to the historival transactions (in cooperation with accounting); 
  • enquiry of members and stakeholders with respect to the validity of the existing business model, adaptation of the model and definition of new processes and structures; 
  • development of a data migration plan; 
  • formulation of a set of demands for the selection of a new core application for the bone marrow bank and execution of reference visits. 


The results of the analyses gave insight into the situation and allowed a new start with a new business model:

  • reconciliation of stakeholders and members about a new business model; 
  • resolving the arrears of payment; 
  • definition of IT needs and selection of a package.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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