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Description | business case

At the taking-over of campus Willebroek of AV Dodoens by Sint-Jozefkliniek Bornem, the 30th of June 2006, the continuity of care and operational tasks needed to be ensured in the short run. In addition a plan had to be developed in order to integrate the functioning and exploitation of campus Willebroek into campus Bornem and this in the medium term.

hict was asked to prepare this merger and to guide it during a short period of 2 months, in order to ensure the continuity of care and the operational tasks and to integrate the exploitation of campus Willebroek.


This project was carried out by:

  • an ‘AS IS’-analysis for the campuses Willebroek and Bornem; 
  • a gap analysis for the campuses Willebroek and Bornem; 
  • an adaptation of the systems and processes for campus Willebroek; 
  • a simulation and definition of agreements for capacity pooling between the two campuses.


In the short period from approval of the merger to the actual taking-over by campus Bornem, hict realised the following:

  • guidance of the management and programme management at taking-over; 
  • planning of D-day and operational continuity in care services; 
  • guidance in developing and completing the contingency plan; 
  • guidance in managing industrial relations;
  • definition and execution of the communication plan.

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Jan Demey
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Jan Demey
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