Vanas – Needs analysis market Wallonia

The company Vanas was founded in 1946 and was at first active in the maritime sector. The company evolved to a partner in the Belgian industry as a supplier for both capital goods as consumables. For the healthcare sector Vanas provides, among other things, automated distribution systems for medication.

Description | business case

hict was asked to search for the potential markets in Wallonia for automated distribution systems for medication.


For a number of Walloon hospitals a needs analysis was carried out in order to determine at which departments in the Walloon hospitals there was a potential need for these automated distribution systems.

This project was carried out in 2 steps:

  • desk research; 
  • interview with important stakeholders. 


This analysis provided valuable information to the company concerning the potential markets and the interest in the automated distribution systems for medication of the different Walloon hospitals. In addition advice was formulated concerning the further approach of the Walloon market. Together with the client four pilote hospitals were identified in order to carry out the first market test. Within four months one institution had a tender running and a second one entered the idea and was negociating on purchasing and implementing an automated distribution system for medication for the emergency department.

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Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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