Vifor (Inc.) International – The societal cost of erythrocyte concentrate transfusion (in orthopaedic surgery and in anaemic oncology patients)

Vifor is an international pharmaceutical company that is part of the Galenica group. The company is active worldwide in research and development, production and sales of specific pharmaceutical products like IV iron.

Description | business case

In order to compare the costs of an anaemia treatment with erythrocyte concentrate to the treatment with IV iron, hict was asked to perform an international cost study. The goal of this study was to calculate the total cost of both the obtaining and the transfusion of an erythrocyte concentrate from a social point of view.


hict developed a generic model for the identification and allocation of the costs to obtain and transfuse erythrocyte concentrate. This model relies on the ‘Time-driven activity-based costing’ methodology, based on the principle that activities are needed for the supply of products and services. These activities demand resources which cost money. The following summarised steps were carried out:

  • literature study; 
  • data collection on-site (interviews, observations, consulting data bases, time estimations); 
  • process and activity analyses; 
  • resource identification; 
  • cost allocation. 

A representative cost was calculated for Sweden and Spain based on 3 selected sites (blood centres and hospitals) in both countries.


Knwoledge of the right costs allows a correct price-fixing of and a comparison with alternatives (in case of sales in hospitals and reimbursement dossiers). A transparent understanding of how costs arise is the basis for process optimisation in hospitals.

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