Hospital network in Belgium - hospital-wide image management

The Hospital Network Antwerp is the largest care provider in Belgium and counts three general and six specialised hospitals. This large hospital was created by a merger of almost all the ZNA-institutions in 2007 with about 2500 beds across 32 cities/towns.

Description | business case

hict was asked to draft a policy paper to allow people inside the organisation to handle optimally digital imagery.


This project was subdivided into four sub-projects (phases):

  • testing of hict's view on image management for new developments, international standards and trends in countries who traditionally take initiative in this field;
  • inventory-making of all eligible imaging modalities within the organisation. For each modality the current modus operandi, the present and possible expansion possibilities concerning digital image management was taken in consideration;
  • testing of the theoretical path, as outlined in phase 1, for the existing infrastructure of phase 2;
  • a short draft of the financial impact when the path was entirely completed.


  • The result of the first phase was a ‘best practices’ scenario with the advantages and disadvantages of all possible solutions of centralised image management.
  • The result of the second phase was a reporting of all the eligible imaging modalities. 
  • The result of the third phase was an effect of two possibilities, each with advantages and disadvantages, to which the organisation can evolve.
  • The result of the fourth phase was a shortlist with suppliers who have a proven experience when it comes to the implementation of similar projects.

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Jan Demey
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