hict treats current topics in the healthcare industry.

We organise our expertise and our offer around 6 domains that represent the most important challenges in healthcare. hict provides an added value to these challenges.

Our domains of expertise are:

  • Strategy, management, operations & quality: general management domain for healthcare providers and suppliers.
  • Value management: regards the value proposition between healthcare providers and suppliers.
  • ICT management: comprises the field between the healthcare business and the needs of the ICT environment.
  • Process Improvement: regards the gradual improvement of healthcare specific processes, based on the methodology that fits to your hospital’s process management strategy.
  • Centres of Excellence in Clinical Research & Development: a holistic operational excellence programme in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Investigator Sites.
  • HR management consulting: maps your current HR-policy and defines, develops and implements points of improvement.

Strategy, Management, Organisation and Quality

We formulate the goals at operational level, we supply operational goals at service level, etc.


ICT management

We bring IT to a higher level in the healthcare organisation in order to realise hospital objectives and to optimise the (internal) functioning and the cooperation with business, partners and network around the hospital.

Process Improvement

Efficiency & effectiveness are of vital importance in all processes/in all hospital units. Our different STER-k@ programmes, aimed towards both the care units and the supporting units, help to map the functioning of a unit/service, with a focus on organisation & direction, efficiency & effectiveness of the processes, ...

Value management

The value of a 'health technology' (drug or other product) in healthcare and in healthcare institutions has become very important.

hict uses its knowledge of and experience with healthcare institutions and healthcare to help suppliers identify, quantify optimise and create this value.

Centres of Excellence in clinical R&D

hict offers a unique holistic innovative solution aiming to: shorten clinical studies timelines; reduce study related costs; optimise resource usage; enhance study data quality, ...

HR management

hict HR-management consulting can map and evaluate your current HR management and can make improvement  propositions to optimize your HR management. We always start from the  ’As is’ situation and take into account the specific needs and the authenticity of your organization.

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