Centres of Excellence in clinical R&D

hict offers a unique holistic innovative solution aiming to:

  • shorten clinical studies timelines
  • reduce study related costs
  • optimise resource usage
  • enhance study data quality

hict partners with your organisation in order to:

  • enhance the operational performance of investigational sites through the creation of Centres of Excellence in clinical R&D 
  • support your clinical study planning efforts through: 
    • comprehensible protocol-tailored subject recruitment funnels to leverage enrollment forecast and to reduce risk related to site selection; 
    • comprehensible protocol procedures simulation model to assess feasibility related to site resources (people, time, material, ...) and to prevent study delays due to competing trails and/or resource shortage;
    • web based feasibility questionnaires supported by structured data analyses to speed up the selection process based on a higher predictability level.

Your contact person

Jan Demey
Managing director
Jan Demey
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