HR management

Is your care facility ready for current and future challenges?

Scarcity and ageing on the labour market, pressure on HR budgets, raising quality standards, a focus on efficiency of processes, the increasing attention to the well-being of employees, etc. have made a reliable and professional HR policy a must in healthcare.

The quality and the well-being of employees at care facilities are crucial to providing high quality care.

hict uses its knowledge of and experience with care facilities, and the healthcare industry in general, to assist you in:

  • analysing your needs, providing advice, and guide you during the implementation of new processes
  • coaching and mentoring your employees and assist with changes
  • organising workshops and training sessions for your employees to develop new skills
  • hiring experts and interim managers on a temporary basis (hict professionals)

Optimal and quality care depends on the ability and well-being of those who provide and organise healthcare.

A good employer makes the difference! 


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Henk Vansteenkiste
Chief Operating Officer
Henk Vansteenkiste
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