Coaching for teams and individuals

Professionals and executives in the care industry must have a broad range of skills. Daily contact with patients, colleagues, co-workers, executives, doctors, demands a large dose of self-knowledge, empathy and responsibility. The balance between giving and receiving is often under pressure. Executives and management in healthcare need to apply more creativity to keep the finances in balance, and to keep motivating en supporting their employees. Coaching can offer a solution to make everyone on their own level aware of that, allowing for continuous change, for people’s potential to fully develop and to function more optimally.

Your challenge: You wish to fully develop and use the potential of your employees and teams.

1. Individual coaching trajectories for professionals and executives.

Possible themes are:

  • Working together with others
  • Set objectives
  • Roadmap for achieving objectives
  • Personal and situational leadership
  • Motivating and guiding employees
  • Promote assertive behaviour
  • Communication & implementation of management decisions
  • Giving feedback
  • Prevention for chronic stress and burn-out
  • Eliminate resistance against tasks or a situation
  • Problems with colleagues/team/departments
  • Demotivation and negativism | Dealing with change
  • Etc.

2. Team coaching trajectories

Possible themes are:

  • Solving problems or conflict situations
  • Changing beliefs against organisational objectives
  • Guiding changes in organisational structure, working environment or processes
  • Communicating more effective and more nuanced
  • Promoting to work together and promoting team spirit through insight in personalities
  • Formulating a collective team vision
  • Etc.


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