hict professionals

Your challenge: The healthcare industry is subject to increasingly rapid change and performance issues. There is a growing need for temporary external expertise because the industry is increasingly confronted with a lack of specialised expertise. Interim managers and interim experts are deployed to introduce expertise, which, at that moment, is not or no longer available to the organisation. Or, the organisation wishes to have it at its disposal temporarily.

Possible offers:

  • Substitution, pending a permanent filling;
  • Temporary need for a specific expertise;
  • In the context of a project;
  • During a transition period within the organisation;
  • During a restructuring, take-over, integration or expansion of an organisation;
  • During start-up;
  • In a crisis situation;
  • Etc.

As opposed to a consultant, who takes on an advisory role, an interim manager or expert has the mandate to make decisions and execute them, or to do assignments according to made agreements.

hict professionals supports care facilities by providing experienced individuals with an expertise in management and specialised operational functions. These professionals take on assignments and responsibilities for a limited time within the boundaries of clearly defined tasks. hict professionals provides management, a strict follow-up, and an evaluation of the tasks on a regular basis.

hict professionals supports (care)professionals by looking for temporary assignments that fit their profile and domain of expertise, at care facilities in our comprehensive care network.

We focus on all management and specialised positions at care facilities, with the exception of doctors, and nursing and care staff.


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