Your problem

  • Many applications are connected thoughtlessly.
  • Each new application needs new links.
  • There are different formats.
  • Monitoring is difficult.
  • Usually 0,5 to 1 FTE are busy solving integration problems day in day out and it is often difficult to locate the problem ("we don't get patients").

Our approach

  • study of the integration problems;
  • draw up of a tender and selection of an integration platform;
  • definition and elaboration POC (Proof of Concept);
  • coaching/support.

We help you

  • in your selection procedure and advise you on an integration product;
  • define a Proof of Concept (Biztalk);
  • install and develop the integration platform Biztalk (through a partner);
  • choose the standards (HL7, Kmehr, XDS, ICD, SNOMED, ...).
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