Increase of patient satisfaction and quality/safety of care

Your problem:

  • You experience that waiting times in the policlinic are sometimes too long.
  • You notice that patient streams sometimes already block at the reception desk.
  • Patients sometimes complain about excessive waiting times, bad service and / or insufficient phone response times.
  • You suspect that better service level agreements (SLAs) between the various departments can only benefit patient satisfaction.
  • You're looking for good indicators (KPIs) that enable you to objectively monitor the service delivered.

Our approach:

  • use of simulation software to model and analyse patient flows and to test improvements in a simulated environment;
  • process improvement based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology;
  • implementation under the guidance of experienced consultants in project and change management;
  • a multidisciplinary team of consultants with experience on both operational and management level.

We help you:

  • map the current situation and identify bottlenecks and possible enhancements;
  • implement improved processes and operational strategies;
  • reduce operational costs and better integrate people, processes and technology;
  • select tools and supporting software applications;
  • set up the necessary service agreements (SLAs) between the different departments;
  • improve decision making by using facts and measurable data.


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