Logistic support core processes

Your problem:

  • The purchase of goods and services is spread across multiple departments and is not always optimal.
  • Some departments face shortages and / or overstock of certain products.
  • Used products are not always correctly assigned to patients and / or departments.
  • You would like to introduce modern logistics (e.g. Kanban) into pharmacy or kitchen.
  • Possibly, some supporting processes could better be outsourced, but you don’t have the knowledge nor the time to make such assessments.

Our approach:

  • use of simulation software to model and analyse patient flows and to test improvements in a simulated environment;
  • process improvement based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology;
  • implementation under the guidance of experienced consultants in project and change management;
  • a multidisciplinary team of consultants with experience on both operational and management level.

We help you:

  • simplify the processes without compromising on quality or service;
  • optimise the logistics flow and the purchase policy of kitchen or pharmacy;
  • create an improved allocation of drugs and medical devices to patients;
  • enhance the performance of revenue generating services such as lab or radiology.
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