STER-k@supporting unit

We elaborated specific quick audit programmes for the different supporting units, aimed towards the specific issues of each unit: STER-k@Pharmacy, STER-k@Lab, STER-k@Radiology

Your problem

  • You wonder whether the unit's functioning is efficient and whether the modalities are fully exploited.
    • The agreed SLA's on lead time and waiting times are reached?
    • Is the return of your radiology equipment high enough?
  • The investment costs and the need for highly skilled staff keep increasing.
  • You wonder whether the cooperation between medical staff, referring practitioner and patients goes optimally.
  • You are looking for possibilities in order to optimise the occupation of your operating rooms.
  • You wonder whether the used material and performances are invoiced correctly and in a fast way.

Our approach

  • objective helicopter view by an external expert with focus on organisation and direction, efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, ressources, perception and satisfaction of other services and parties concerned;
  • analysis of the unit's functioning, both quantitativily using objective data and qualitatively by interviewing users and staff on-site;
  • quick scan by senior consultants with a basic formation in healthcare and an on-site experience over many years, preferably at a similar unit.

We help you

  • recognise bottlenecks and identify solutions in order to:
    • save costs
    • increase productivity
    • optimise planning
    • increase service
  • implement improvement propositions and carry out durable changes.


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