hict supports you in optimizing your operations.

In addition to our area of ​​expertise we have in process improvement SMOQ three offerings formulated:

  1. Recovery
  2. Innovation
  3. Programming

1 ) Recovery

Is your organisation facing an operational problem that endangers the future of your organisation? Does your organisation need for acute but sustained intervention?

hict offers a Recovery program aimed to ensure continuity for the future. Reshaping your organisation hict guides you through the preparation of the recovery plan and its implementation.

. 2 ) Innovation

Are you looking for assistance with the creation of an innovative product or service? Do you want an innovative way to bring a product or service in the healthcare market? hict assist you in defining a business model and future- oriented operation models resulting in a new value proposition for your business. To gather the necessary data we analyse the market, perform in-depth data analysis and / or organize workshops to gather the necessary data. Opportunities are then translated into business cases , detailed in a realistic project .

hict translates the innovation into a new health system , an innovative product or service innovation , a new organisation , new care-related process models , a communication plan , etc.

3) Programming

Building a new hospital or other health care institution? Renew an existing hospital? hict can be your partner in the project team of architects, engineers, financial institutions, suppliers, etc.

hict directs the project from a strategic, process-oriented and organisational perspective:

  • Analysis (Current) care 
  • Define, manage and implement improvement projects (management, policy, organisation, processes, HR, staffing, quality, etc.)
  • Programming and remodeling a new organisation
  • Introduce innovative care technologies

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