HTA related services

Your problem

  • Your product has to be differentiated with regard to existing/future products based on the total cost of the treatment with your product instead of the price:
    • operational costs (e.g. in healthcare institution);
    • societal costs;
    • adverse events.
  • You are applying for reimbursement for your product but you:
    • have insufficient information (on prevalence, incidence, dosage, administration practices, etc.);
    • need support for the development of Cost Effectiveness (CE), Cost Minimisation (CM), Cost Benefit (CB) and Cost Utility (CU) analyses and budget impact analyses.

Our approach

  • cost and impact analyses (e.g. in healthcare institutions using TD-ABC);
  • surveys, delphi panels, literature studies, observations, interviews, data base analyses, etc.
  • CE/CU/CM/CB analyses;
  • budget impact analyses;
  • etc.

We help you

  • define the total cost of the treatment with your product or a competing product for a hospital and/or the society;
  • carry out cost and impact analyses in hospitals;
  • draw up publications of executed analyses;
  • collect the necessary information for a reimbursement application;
  • carry out CE/CU/CM/CB analyses and budget impact analyses for a reimbursement application;
  • etc.

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