Your problem

  • You need market information for the (pre)launch of your product (KOL's, prevalence, prescription behaviour, perceptions, cost structures, administration practices, etc.).
  • You need critical information on your product’s use by clients (GP’s, hospitals, patients). 
  • You want to anticipate the requirements concerning the representation of your products (e.g. packaging). 
  • You want to gain an insight into the elements your clients estimate as valuable when it comes to choosing a supplier. 
  • The perception of your product on the market is incomplete or incorrect. 
  • You launched a campaign and want to find out its impact (e.g. on sales). 
  • You need external help when elaborating a value proposition for your clients. 
  • Etc.

Our approach

  • primary market research; 
  • secondary market research; 
  • quantitative analyses (e.g. sales effectiveness analysis, analyses on data bases); 
  • interviews, surveys, observations, etc. on the market (hospitals, associations, GP’s, etc.); 
  • workshops with KOL’s;

We help you

  • (pre)launch your product; 
  • collect and analyse different types of market information; 
  • identify actions to optimise your product’s use or value for your clients; 
  • identify the requirements concerning the representation of your products; 
  • present yourself as the most valuable partner for clients when it comes to choosing a supplier; 
  • develop a value proposition for your client; 
  • quantify and evaluate the impact of campaigns; 
  • etc.

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