Britt Callebaut - Junior Consultant

When I graduated two years ago as a Civil Engineer in Computer Science, my thirst for knowledge was not yet properly satisfied. That is why I decided to pursue a second master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, intent on completing a summer internship to better prepare myself for life as a working woman. At the Biomedical Industry Day, organized to help foster interaction between biomedical engineering students and healthcare industry, I met many interesting companies, but it was hict, a healthcare consultancy company, that spoke out to me the most.

Summer came and I found myself in beautiful Bruges, full of enthusiasm to start my internship at hict. My enthusiasm only grew during a very interesting, instructive and varying summer experience. I instantly felt at home amongst the colleagues, so it should come as no surprise that half a year later I was the newest junior consultant of the hict team.

For the last few months, I have been working within the Value Management team. My main occupation is to design, implement and populate health economic evaluations. These evaluation are used in the context of reimbursement requests for innovative therapies, which means that my day to day activities actively contribute to help make healthcare innovation available to the general public!

Working at hict not only allows me to learn a lot about the medical side of diseases and their cures, but also requires me to apply my engineering background creatively to help solve the challenges at hand. Next to specific technical skills and applied health economic practice, I also learn a lot about what it means to be a consultant by actively being involved in project management, customer communication and by simply being part of the team.

Working on several projects at the same time can sometimes be challenging, but it makes for a diversified and inspiring working experience. I can’t wait to find out what challenges lie just around the corner!

June 2016


Ezelstraat 69 | B- 8000 Brugge | Belgium | Phone: + | Fax: + | BTW BE 0866 039 556 | RPR/RPM Brugge | e-mail: info@hict.com