Hearing and Implants - 5 Years

The 5 year anniversary of Hearing and Implants by Radboud UMC is celebrated through three congresses:

  • BI: To BI or not to BI? (10 December 2015)
  • CI adults (9 March 2016)
  • CI children: Junction Nijmegen (13 October 2016)

hict's very own Sebastian Vermeersch, PhD will be talking about the "Tresholds and challenges with the reimbursement of a new technology: practical experiences from the Belgian context."

Sebastian's presentation will take place on 9 March, during the CI Adults congress: Access for All.

The full programme of the congress is available at radboudumc.nl (pdf).

Go to the registration page to secure your seat at this event full of interesting talks.

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