hict celebrates her 10th birthday!

Consultancy in the healthcare sector, multidisciplinary, holistic and with an emphasis on strategy, cost efficiency, quality and automation. A service-architect/contractor in healthcare…

An ambitious project!

Here we are now, today, exactly 10 years later, with a company that has worked on a profound growth model for 10 years. We have built the hict of today on 3 axes in a permanent model for improvement:
  • Continuously adjusting our solutions
  • Responding to the market trends
  • Formulating the advices in the complex world of the healthcare sector is the core of our company.
The group of employees and experts (also called hicters) who have helped build this deserve to be celebrated on this birthday. The current team of employees at hict in combination with the experts surrounding our company are all part of our formula for success. We are proud of our team and the value we create for our clients.

We cannot give advice if there are no clients who put their trust in our expertise and knowledge. A portfolio of over 200 clients is something you must deserve as a company. The hospitals, the home care organisations, hospital networks, the pharmaceutical and the medical device industry, the ICT sector in healthcare and all other players who help shape the healthcare sector: this broad group of clients put their trust in us. From the bottom of our heart, we thank you. Without you we would not have been able to grow into the 10-year-old we are today.

Finally, I wish to thank the management, the partners of hict Netherlands and the Board of Directors for their dedication and guidance to this company. Becoming a teenager needs guidance and vision, in which we have succeeded.

hict is ready for the next decennium. hict 1.0: Getting the company on track. hict 2.0: Working out the domains of expertise and embodying the approach and the methodologies. We are entering the next decennium with hict 3.0: Focussing on growth and further development of our expertise, to realise your and our ambition.

Jan Demey


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