hict supports you on your way to GDPR compliance

From May 25, 2018, personal data can only be processed with the utmost care for privacy and security. These stricter rules relating to data processing are imposed by the GDPR legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation. They concern new obligations for data processors, notification in case of a personal data breach, designation of a data protection officer, new conditions applicable to consent, all having a major impact on healthcare

Within the multidisciplinary team of hict consultants, Julie Vanhooreweghe obtained her certificate of Data Protection Officer (DPO), after an intensive training organized by DP Institute. This training not only provides an overview of the new legislation, but primarily focuses on practical issues such as conducting data protection impact assessments and drawing up a safety policy using various practical cases. "It was a challenging and interactive program with a personal approach. Participants with broad experience helped to enrich the discussions in a very positive way", says Julie.

As a result, hict has added GDPR analysis and validation to her total offering, combined with concrete support for hospitals and care organisations towards their practical realisation of GDPR compliance.  More information can be obtained by contacting julie.vanhooreweghe@hict.com.


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