Postgraduate studies: Health economics

Health economics – Webster’s dictionary defines health economics as … Well, actually it doesn’t define it. That is why we decided to go follow the postgraduate classes on Health Economics, and find out what it is all about……so we can finally explain to people clearly just what it is we do with our HEMAR team at hict.

The postgraduate course on health economics aims to give professionals in the healthcare and welfare sector the basics and more on health economics with a focus on the Belgian context.

The program is based on the knowledge that a pharmacoeconomic dossier is needed for every reimbursement request for innovative medicines (since 2001 in Belgium). This dossier includes the efficacy, safety and economic added value of the product, especially for this last topic a good knowledge of health economics is preferential when dealing with such dossiers.

To allow the professionals to set-up, interpret and deal with health economic studies, the program includes courses on health economics, epidemiology and epidemiological studies, health technology assessments and economic evaluations and modelling, and finalises with a session on the future of health economic evaluations. Furthermore, more insight is given in the general working of the healthcare systems & their financing in Belgium. In the first module with Prof. Annemans, the Belgian healthcare system is compared with that of other countries, and in a brainstorm session all participants try to define possible improvements on the current system.

The modules are presided by Key Opinion Leaders in the Belgian healthcare sector such as L. Annemans, A. De Ridder, J. Hendrickx, M. Neyt, D. Vandijck, K. Van Herck, K. Schoonjans and M. Callens. Due to their extended experience in the domain, they can provide a good overview of the evolution of the sector towards the current situation, highlight how the Belgian situation compares to that in other countries, and provide some insights on what the future may hold.

Although Health Economics is what we do daily and what we do well, we believe this course can further broaden our expertise & connect us with experts in the sector. Continuous learning is a key corner stone for qualitative projects! 

Britt Callebaut and Lieve Staessens, both Consultants at hict are following this course.

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