We welcome ir. Henk Vansteenkiste as our new Operational Officer

To support the growth and in-depth expertise of hict, we are pleased to welcome ir. Henk Vansteenkiste as Operational Officer of our firm. Henk brings as civil engineer 20 years of expertise in the national and international healthcare market.

In his role as Operational Officer he will focus on the operational excellence of our firm, the further development of the expertise, refine our business development model and the delivery of projects, where he will take some key roles in strategic customer engagements. With Henk on board, we have defined a business plan to grow hict as a national and international consulting player in healthcare.

“His new insights in building a partner network, in applying innovative technology into the sector and to approach a new network of stakeholders at the provider, supplier and government side, brings for hict a platform to expand our company in expertise and capacity. His internal approach on how to organise our company to realise our main objectives, is based on pragmatism and hands-on experience.”, said Jan Demey, CEO of hict.

Hict is a healthcare consulting company working for healthcare providers (hospitals, home care, care networks), healthcare suppliers (pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, architects & engineering, technology and payers) and public services on healthcare. Hict’s services focus on the integration and collaboration of these stakeholders from a strategic, operational, economic, IT, HR and research point of view.

“I am pleased to join the professional healthcare network of hict. The demand for high quality healthcare consultancy is huge and hict is market leading in this field of change. Combining the skills of hict with, for example, the fast growing healthcare technology can lead to real value-added solutions for the future healthcare system. Hict has the right team and skills and I am proud to contribute in strengthening its organisation further.” - Henk Vansteenkiste, Operational Officer at hict.

Henk started his engagement this month, at the beginning of the 12th fiscal year of hict. With our renewed management, a very strong team of consultants and network, a great portfolio of customers and a straight business plan, we can enter our 12th fiscal year in an ambitious way.

We give Henk a warm welcome!

Contact Henk at henk.vansteenkiste@hict.com.

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