Cases: Healthcare suppliers

Eli Lilly - Feasibility study communication platform
hict was asked to verify which was the best possible technology-supported communication platform for both the parties, with a view to improving the communication between the general practitioner...
IHC Group nv – Implementatie EAI bij AZ Damiaan
The project consisted of the installation and implementation of MS Biztalk as Enterprise Application Integration Platform in the context of the integration strategy of AZ Damiaan in preparation for...
IHC Group nv – Tarificatie- en facturatiepakket
IHC Group NV, Infohos and U.Z. Brussel cooperate in order to develop a new pricing and invoicing package. The system's power lies in the business rule engine. For the project management of TarFac IHC...
KCE – Video registration Operating room
The KCE asked hict to examine the following: “Is it possible to improve the quality of surgical interventions in the operating room by means of video registration of endoscopic images?"  
Microsoft – SWOT studie Amalga Belgische markt
Microsoft asked hict to examine the possibilities for the European market because it wanted to approach the European market with Amalga.  
Microsoft – Quick scan DynaBS Health
Microsoft made an appeal to the expertise of hict in order to estimate the value of the product and in order to judge whether it is, or not, a one-way ZIS, in accordance with the needs and specific...
hict was asked to search for the potential markets in Wallonia for automated distribution systems for medication.
Microsoft – Quick scan assessment MyClinic
Microsoft nv wanted to consolidate his position in healthcare and asked hict to make an evaluation of this software package.
Pfizer – E-tools
Pfizer developed a first version of e-tools, plug-ins for general practitioner packages, specifically aimed at certain treatments, and puts them at disposal of general practitioners and general...
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